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After 2 years on Witty, I realized that I will always find myself back to it. 
My name is Tyslee Tara Thomas, and I am going to be a Junior this year. And just to think I was going into Freshman year when I stumbled upon this website. Time sure does fly by. 
I am currently taken. 6/19/13
Volleyball, Tennis, & Track 
15 years old
Im just taking life day by day
Im still awkward, as ever. 
And I am me. 









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Quotes by Volleyball4ever

- it breaks you down
-you gain and lose friends
- makes you feel socially awkward
- homework is horrible
- drama seems too be everywhere
- you feel like you dont have a bestfriend
- it seems like everyone is talking bad about you
- its like a rollercoaster
-some of the teachers seem like they know nothing
- people can be so stupid sometimes 

Highschool may seem horrible now, but hang in there. Keep your head held high. All of this is just making you stronger. <3 

Boy if only you knew,

For the first time, I realized that your the one I want. I want you, and all your imperfections, that make you perfect to me. 

I thought you would chase me.

            But in the end, you watched me trip and fall. ♥   

Please dont break me down like the others,
because I cant afford to lose you like I lost them.

You stole at hello, and killed me with goodbye.

I may begin to hate you more,
            But I will never love you any less.   


Always take chances, 
 y ou'll never know what could happen if you dont ♥



Thats the word,

 That explains everything 
About us and how we are 

About how we havent found eachothers love

Darling, Im going to continue to fight for you. I dont think you know how much I like you or maybe even love. You sweep me off my feet every day with your cute smile, and all I do is want to call you mine. Is that so hard?  <3