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Quotes by VolleyballQT42

is for quotes
NOT surveys (:
 for making us believe everyone
      [has a prince charming]
 Dontcha miss when
everyone could be friends with everyone without making someone else mad?
She Paints A Pretty Picture
But theres a scary twist
the paintbrush is a razor
the canvas is her wrist
I wonder where these dreams go 
when the world gets in your way 
whats the point in all this screaming 
No One's Listening Anyway
When you judge another
you  don't  .define.  them
you   [ define ]   yourself
High School Is A Popularity Contest
so show them your too original to give a [damn]
If you make me a promise;;
                                        I expect you to keep it
and if you don't;;
                         I'll pretty much lose all respect for you
           maybe I'm the joker 
    maybe i'm the fool in your eyes 
         maybe I'm the
weak one 
        maybe I'm a
lie in disguise 
             maybe I'm
cause I'm the one whos
always wrong 
maybe I'm
not the one whos so strong
      Boy i could see us on the floor
                             you'd be beggin' for more
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