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Quotes by VolleyballQT42

       Looking back I've realized
                               you were full of broken promises
                                       don't    you    ever     feel     like 
                                       your  living  for   everyone   else
                                       and your never ||good enough||

add colors or whatever.

   wrapped up in lies like sheets of another one night stand
                       you know you left the girl with nothing

              I've never told a lie
                               and that makes me a liar
                               I've never made a bet
                               but we gamble with desire
                               I've never lit a match 
                               with intent to start a fire
                               but recently the flames
                               are getting out of control

&& they say we'll never see half as much as they did.
 it's true that we never saw Vietnam or World War Two.
we didn't see our mother's cry when John F. Kennedy died.
 but we've lived our whole lives being told that we're just not good enough.
we've seen anorexia and bulimia because skinny just isn't skinny enough.
 we saw Columbine and watched the Twin Towers fall.
we've seen a lot of greed and even more hate.
our generation fights a different kind of war
 but we've seen just as much as them.. and maybe even more.
you think you know who your true friends are? wait until high school, and see who's there for you, when your ex boyfriend spreads rumors about you. think you'll never do drugs? wait until its right in front of you, and all of your "friends" are doing it. think you're tough? wait until you say the wrong thing to the wrong person. see who backs down first. think you're smart? wait until you have an English project, science project, history test, and a ten minute monologue due tomorrow cause you were absent for one day. think you're cool? wait until you're the only one that doesn't make the sports team. see how cool you are then. think you're popular? wait until your parents can't afford the new Hollister jeans that everyone has. think you'll never fall in love? wait until a guy looks you in the eyes, and says he loves you. think you'll never get your heartbroken? wait until the same guy, that said he loved you is holding another girl behind your back. think you're always going to be your own individual? wait until one morning, when you look in the mirror, and your just like everyone else.

They Were The Perfect Couple. . .
                           He lied && She Believed
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