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Hey there, Vyeraa/ Vicky here. Ahh well life goes on. Special mention to my beautiful best friends Breezy_Mac. <3
Miish <3
Thereseee <3
Oh and obviously I love Doctor Who.
Oh and Giraffes...
Oh and my friends...

Do me a favour, If your here to hate, talk politics or discuss religion, GTFO. I'm a proud atheist, I don't discuss politics and I have anger issues.

Quotes by Vyeraa

Things change. And when they change. You decide to stay or leave. 

You changed for the worse Witty. You've lost the originals.
Gained the fakes. Gained the liars. Gained the bullies. 

I guess this is goodbye..


The one time I don't want to be alone,
There's no one to wipe away my tears
No one can tell me every things gonna be okay
Because it won't.

Help me

Advice Wittygirls?

Two guys, K & A. They're my guybestfriends. They both like me. K asked me out and I said yes. 5 days later I told him that we're just gonna be friends. The day before, A told me he liked me. He asked if I liked him in primary school. Yes. He asked if I liked him now. Yes. A has a girlfriend. He thinks things won't work out with his girlfriend. He asked that if things didn't work out with them, would I say yes. I said yes. 

Did I make the right choices? Or am I screwed.

Avada Kadavra Childhood! 

Spent my entire day playing I Spy.

Day. Well. Spent.

Me: I'm really sorry. I feel bad but I need to do this. We're better off as friends.
This, it's just too awkward. We'll always be friends. It's better
I tell you now then let this go on maybe lose you forever.

Him: OK.


From I love you


I hate you

-In less than 5 seconds

Songs to listen to when life gets tough
Feel free to add your own

Rise Against - Make it stop
Eminem - Till I collapse

"90% of people won't repost this"
Well, have you ever given a thought that maybe, just maybe, 90% of people don't have Witty