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 Hey there!!! :D My name is Athina and I live in Greece.I love my new phone and pizza♥

[+]cozy sweaters, harry potter, puppies, anything covered by chocolate, frozen, pitch perfect, 
fireworks, Ariana Grande, pop corn and of course witty profiles. 

[-] School,bad habits(smoking,drinking etc), waking up early, bugs and homework.  

 Besties <3 
(follow them,they're amazing)  


Quotes by imperfect *

They say you find love in every corner...
My whole life must be a circle

Another valentine's day without a boyfriend wow what a surprise 

You go to school nothing happens 
You miss one day:7 fights, 3 teachers missing, 
school had a blackout and rihanna performed in the cafeteria. 

*Me with a friend* 
Me:Omg I got something hilarious to tell you! 
Well frist...HAHAHAHAHAHA 


I hate it when it's dark and my brain is like, 
"Hey,remember that horror movie when..."

Plot  twist: 
You wake up for school fully rested and ready to socialize.   

My parents when I was 8:  
"Go to your room." 
My parents now: 
"Please come out of your room." 


*gets nothing done* 
well...time for a break.

Do you ever look through the contacts in your phone, 
see a name and you're like 
"Who the hell is that?" 


Me most of the year:Want that.Want that.Want that. 
Me near my birthday and Christmas:I CANNOT THINK OF A SINGLE THING I WANT!