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The names Sarah  I was brought into this world 16 years ago
I’m easy to talk to and laugh at the stupidest things.Athlete to the extreme ,
Basketball Softball and my friends are my pretty much my life ... And I love it ♥

I am happily taken by a boy named Isaac Melochick he is my everything ♥

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Quotes by Walasavage


Soo get a text right when we are about to leave for school today saying   *Minersville closed* so i go back in put back on my pajamas to find my friend is calling me saying it was only the elementary center great...


())__CRAYON___)) > ô¿ô  =^..^=  @( * O * )@
Bruises, cuts sunburns and scrapes. Blood, sweat and tears all for this game. Say what you 'cause this is the game that I call my Life. Softball

  W-o-w you shoulda just ripped out her             belly  button ring ..... THAT  would of been less  Painful

What happens if a car comes?
We Die !

Notebook ♥

Never Heard Silence Quiet This Loud </3

Still cant figure out how 2 Lefts make a Right ??? haha

Letters start with
Numbers Start With
1 2 3
Music Starts with
Do - Re - Mi
and Love starts with
You and me ♥

Theres only 1 thing
2 do
3 words
4 you

... I love You
Its kinda funny how defensive people get about the sports they play :)

*im the same way *