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Hello, my name is Emily. I don’t care if you call a bitch or whatever. That just makes YOU a bitch. And I don’’t give a crap what you think of me….I really don’t xD So go on thinking your hot stuff, when you really won’t get nowhere in life, hun. GROW UP.

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Quotes by Walking_Foo

And even when the world comes crashing down,
'll be there

All mine <33 For my buddy who just lost a love

Am I the only one
who gasped in excitment
when they realized today was

am I the
only one?

credits to mehh
And if you were right, you wouldn't make me

for my tara girl <3

Oh, what is


Credits to me for fade
I miss the way you

held me

and I

want you

to take me back

Please john baby </3
credit to me

And you're the reason
That I get out of bed in the morning
And when you walk by
     I get those butterflies

all mine walking_foo

O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 
O                                                                 O
O                im the type of girl#2             O
O                       who loves to watch scary movies                                                                                          O
O                                                                                              but screams bloody murder                         O
O                                                                                                      when the toaster pops                           O
O                                                                 O
O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 

creditfor series idea to GrApEs172
dunno who did fade
I did border + words
When you try your best but

When you get what you want but not

When you feel so tired but

Stuck in...

Coldplay-Fix you
:.I love you more than you'll ever know:.

Credits to me
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