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Bonjour, mon amis. Je m'appelle Meg.

Figure me out for yourself, love.

Quotes by WaltzingInTheWind

While the earth may be beautiful,
it's life that is magical.

What did I ever done to you?
Honestly, this makes me reconsider our friendship.

her  mother  told  her,
a sapphire tear catching her lash.
She hoped her daughter
w o u l d   m a k e  i t ,
unlike the last.

I don't know about you, but I want to write something the world will read.
And I want them to love it.

I'm sorry that I disappoint you. I'm sorry that I'm not perfect like my brothers. I'm sorry that I screw up sometimes. I'm sorry that I shut myself in my room. I'm sorry that I don't have perfect grades.
I'm sorry that you look at me with such contempt, Mom.

 3rd Grade!
My Crush: Steven W. 
My Best Friends: Nichole and Steven
My Teacher: Mrs. Calabro

Fave For A Grade.♥

You belong by my side,
your shadow intertwined with mine.

Life can be crazy,
but you've got to be stong enough to
tame the beast.

You ask me why I didn't apologize,
and I respond with my tears and cries
because you don't understand, 
that "I'm sorry" won't cover 
the shame I feel with every fiber of my being.