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Bonjour, mon amis. Je m'appelle Meg.

Figure me out for yourself, love.

WaltzingInTheWind's Favorite Quotes


My parents say it's their house. 
but when it's time to clean, it magically becomes my house too. 



"but  why?" 
"BEcause i said so!" 

Good one mom,  you should be a lawyer. 





Shere's to
 The crap we talk
 The guys we stalk
 The way we shop 
 Laughs we can't stop
 The gossip we spill
The looks that could kill
We'll stay together
Cause we are
Best Friends Forever.

Hey guys!
I just went on my profile to see how many followers I have and guess what. I HAVE 8!!!! I know it isn't that big of a deal but I wanted to thank everyone who followed meand faved my quotes. I work hard to earn my followers and I hope more of you wittiers will like my quotes and follow me too. Also check out my story, Just a Fairytale! I'll upload a couple more chapters today. Again thank you sooo much! <3
This quote does not exist.



You know how I feel about you.



               Butterflies can't see their

                                         wings. they can't see how beautiful they are, but everyone else can.
                              » PEOPLE ARE LIKE THAT.

Hector: Esteban, I have great news! There has been a peaceful change of government in our country and your family's back in power!
Esteban: You mean grandfather Geraldo Mario Juan Carlos Jose Diego Luka Pepe Bombaro Lupe Luigi Abarto Francisco Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez has taken the throne again?
Hector: No. The other one.
Esteban: Oh, you mean Fred? 

i bet steve reads through our weird top quotes
and goes.:   0_0  " never .having . daughters."


Most amazing and inspirational quote here.
Oh, but you can't read it.
Why? Because of SOPA.
A bill in Congress for censorship of the internet.
With SOPA in action there will be no Facebook, Google, Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, Wikipedia, Online Libraries, and yup NO WITTY.
We will all be affected by this bill.
Please take action.
Make more quotes.
Join the petition.
Call your senator.
We all have a voice.
Now let yours be heard.