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Alex speakin, umm I'll try to put up as many things as I can!!!

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Wish on a falling star.

Looks best in Tahoma in 10 point...make the R in reach, f in for, t in the, and the first s in stars bold, looks best with pale yellow backround and black wording.
If love makes the world go round why didn't it stop in to see me?

Take it if you want...I didn't make it, but this isn't true for me!!

Love ya Tocheran AAF!!!!
______ <3
"You have my only heart"

Where the blank is put your lovers name.


______ </3
"You had my only heart"

Underline the had.

C ya

--Alex :-)
¤FrIEnDs CaNt TeLl SeCrEtS,
bEcAuSe ThEy PiNkIe PrOmIsE
i BeT tHoSe SeCrEtS aRe AbOuT mE
i GuEsS i'Ll JuSt WaIt ~N~ sEe!¤

Please don't take credit my heart feels like its gonna split!

(c)AP productions :-)
¤~¤ LoVe Is LiKe A fLoWeR, fIrSt It GrOwS bIg AnD sTrOnG...
¤~¤ tHeN sUdDeNlY iT wIlTs... :[
¤I see your face,
¤It's haunting me

¤Everytime by Brittany Spears¤
        ......          ......
      .:oOOOOo:.      .:oOOOOo:.
     .:oOO:'':Oo:..:oO:''   :OOo:.
    .:oO:'    ':Oo:oO:'      ':Oo:.
     :oO:        ':O:'        :Oo:
     :oO:          '          :Oo:
     ':oO:                   :Oo:'
      ':oO:                 :Oo:'
        ':oO.            .Oo:'
          ':oO.        .Oo:'
            ':oO.    .Oo:'
          jgs   'oO:Oo'

Put this in Courier or Courier New...

Put UR crushes name in the heart n fix it up! 
     .--. .--.
    :  _ \/ _  :
 _\/ \ 6    6 /
   \__\  '   /
       \'--'/ \__/_
       /\  /\    \
      /  \/  \
      \      /
 jgs  _\    /_
     (__\  /__) 

This may turn out disoriented, put it in a fixed font like Courier or Courier New
¤Going 2 see if...
¤Vegetarianz like animal crackerz!