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伤* 9 years ago
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i love them haha.
spence* 9 years ago
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yeah I changed it oh whale
† * 9 years ago
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welcomesss :)
伤* 9 years ago
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it's such a pretty song, i love your layout!
moo* 9 years ago
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save some nice ones
heartofgold 1 decade ago
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Reasons to stay alive.
1. People care. Just because they don’t show it, doesn’t mean they don’t care. Your family, your friends, who you think don’t care, they do.
2. Life is precious, some people aren’t even born, don’t waste it.
3. If you end your life, you’ll never get a chance to let go of the worries and do something to make it better.
4. Every obstacle makes you stronger.
5. If you commit suicide, then you won’t be able to help others that want to. You could help people in the same position as you, you could save someone’s life.
6. You were made for a purpose, stay alive to fufill that purpose.
7. The small things are beautiful, learn to respect and see them, they’ll amaze you, and sometimes inspire you.
8. All the singers and bands that made music about giving up- they were just like you, and they became famous and who they are now. That could be you one day.
9. You’ll never know what happens in the future.
10. Who knows, maybe your crush or ex will ask you out the day after you’ve committed suicide.
11. You may be insecure, but you’ll eventually realise, in time, just how beautiful you are.
12. I love you. Gay, bi, straight, black, white, I don’t care. I love you.
13. If you’re getting bullied, then they’re just jealous of how you look and who you are, before they took it away. They enjoy seeing you in so much pain, maybe because they were like that once and they think other’s deserve to feel that pain, or they are jealous. They just want a reaction, just ignore them, or if it is physical, or highly discrimintave then tell a teacher, or someone you trust.
14. You could learn so much from life, but you’ll learn nothing if you give up now.
15. Think about all the memories you had, you’ll never get any good memories again if you give up now.
16. Committing suicide is giving every single thing up, small and big. Your family, your friends, your memories, (maybe) your boyfriend/girlfriend, new experiences, laughs, smiles, and so much more.
17. There is so much more to life than it seems, you just need to look, and you’ll find the best things ever in life.
There are plenty more, but these are a few for now. Please, don’t kill yourself tonight.