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Quotes by WhatMakesYouBeautiful143

this may or may not be my finally goodbye. but I love you all.
Depressions taking over.
I'm done being depressed.
I'm gonna overcome it.
I'm gonna stomp all over it.
I'm gonna smile because I deserve too.
I haven't been truly happy in forever.
And I'm sick of it.
It's time for me to be happy.
So peace depression.
You're no longer in my life.
Every cut a little bit deeper
Barely hurting anymore
Her wrist numb
Asking herself why she deserves this
Finally letting them all get to her
Thinking theres only one way out,
People don't understand why she does this.
Well, its society's fault.
All the names they called her,
fat, ugly, disgusting.
Because she isn't thier idea of "perfect".
As she starves herself becoming smaller and smaller
Until shes a size zero.
Because she isn't "perfect",
Face caked in make-up,
She looks in the mirror,
Finally "perfect".

Steal this and you won't have a face..!

Well I have this bestfriend, her names Lindsay<3 Shes beautiful, and amazing. And no one could ever replace her. Shes always there for me no matter what. She listens when I cry. She doesn't always answer my texts but thats okay.(: Lolol. She understands me. She knows everything there is to know. She would be there for me, if I was in jail. She'd be the one to bail me out.<3 I love her more than my life. Yeah,  this probably sounds lesbianish. I don't care. Shes my bestfriend and I'd die without her. She lives 300 miles away though..): love you bestfriend.<33
Ask me questions for a video?<3
When I was around 7, after my brother died, I started to become a hoarder.... I cleaned my room, for the first time last March...... I found stuff I've haven't seen in years. 
My room has been clean since.<3

Most of the stuff was my brothers, I felt like I was loosing every part of him, when I was cleaning my room. It was a very emotianal time for me then.):

I'm sorry, I don't wear abercrombie, and hollister. I'm good with the clothes I have. I'm not gonna cake my face with make-up, I'm gonna be me. Leave me alone. I'm not ever gonna be "perfect"<3
I wonder if he knows hes all I think about at nite.<3

why am I going to a party,? Oh because its my bestfriends boyfriends party, and she doesn't wanna go alone.
Do you know what its like to feel like you can't help the person you love? Do you know what its like to be told, "no theres nothing you can do stop trying!" I do, it feeels like sh*t.<'3