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Well hello everyone!!

Quotes by WhathePotato

Friend: I never see you in the hallways.
Me: I know. Me neither.
*Me thinking*
I see you every single time you walk down the hallway and watch you talk to your friends and laugh. You just don't know that I am there.
I am so sorry!! I have not been on here in forever!! I will definetly try to post more quotes and favorite my favorites!
This road never looked so lonely
You are STRONGER then you seem
You are BRAVER then you believe
You are SMARTER then you think.

(I actually found this on Amazon)
I saw this one someone's shirt and thought it was awesome!!!

Without music, life would Bb
(you have to read music to get this!)
Look for the girl with the broken smile
My favorite book quote right now:

Girl 1: Fine, I'll talk with you. But if you say anything smug or stuck up or shallow, I'll have my cat follow you home.
Girl 2: But then I can't talk!
Our Family Discussions:

Brother: You have 5 titanium brothers on segways.
Me: I have machine guns, on my butt!!
Brother: You are a jar.
Me: With rabies.
Brother: Poptarts!!
Me: The snack that smiles back, Goldfish!!!
When you have tried your hardest and done your best,
Try harder and make your best, even better.

Need I say more?