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Quotes by WhathePotato

The scary thing about Witty, is that your best friend could be spilling their heart out to you, and niether of you would know.
3 really stupid things to do on Valentines Day:
#1: Reading what is printed on the balloons out loud.
#2: Get caught putting something in someone's locker.
#3: Not give me CANDY!!!
Science experiment:
I have these packets of peanut butter that say " kneed and squeeze"
I showed them to all my friends
they burst out laughing.
My Conclusion:
My friends are perverted.
There is always a moment of scaryness when you realize you like someone.
I hate those moments when you stand in front of a door for 15 minutes trying to pull it open only to realize it says PUSH.
Me:*Sticks out tongue*
Friend:*Sticks out tongue*
Me:*Sticks out tongue*
Teacher: What are you doing?
Friend: Nothing.
I blame my art teacher for teaching me how to doodle in class
Friend: * walks in* Can I ask you something?
Me: *reading book* The chickens in the microwave.
Friend: *Face palm*
My DAD was in the Boston Marathon during the bombing. He was lucky to get out alive and unharmed.
FAV this to remember those lost, and give hope to others affected by it.
When teachers ask you to write an essay:
Average: 1-2 page essay
Nerd: Full 3.5 page essay in complete detail
Jock: 1 page becomes about sports after the first sentence
Class Clown: (Insert Text Here)
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