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Well hello everyone!!

WhathePotato's Favorite Quotes

*spins around in chair ominously* I've been expecting y-
 *chair continues to spin*
*tries to stop spinning*
*tries to grab at a lamp or table to stop spinning*
*falls out of chair*
Everybody has their own story to tell
But very few actually get to hear it
Im the kind of friend who would help you hide a dead body , but if you betray me , remember i know how to hide a dead body.
I never thought Id die alone I laugh the loudest who'd have known
Are you happy
pretend to be?

You don't know how it feels
to be outside the crowd
you don't know what it's like
to be left out
and you don't know what it's like
to be your best friend
on the outside looking in
When a girl says "Whatever" she really means :
- I hope you get shot
- Fall off a bridge
and then eaten by a shark.
I miss you like an idiot misses the point
This quote does not exist.