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WhenAllElseFails's Favorite Quotes

Hey guys.
Here's a poem.

My name is Jordan
and I'm somewhat flamboyant
But I'm just a boy, and
I'm leaving soon.

Maybe this poem could be a song
or maybe it could be an animate object
that wears a thong
all day long.

I should stop thinking about thongs
and irrelevant things
these stanzas suck
and so does Bing, to be honest.

Okay luckily poems don't have to rhyme
or have the correct punctuation
but rhyming is less timing
and influences more of a patient
pay in.. dimes? 

 Sh/t, poem's over. Enjoy that, because.. well, why not?
Point is, yeah, leaving, but you guys are super great and kind and wonderful and it's unfortunate I've lost my purpose on here. 
I like talking to you people, and I hope to continue with that talking over some sorta' social media where I don't have a single care about what you ate for breakfast in the morning, but you tell me and the rest of the world anyway. I had fruit this morning. It was delicious. 

I might be back, though. A lot's on Jordy's plate, lately. I got another summer job and what not, and I'm taking college-level classes as well this time, while putting up with some b/tch who can't help but love me. 
(I'm totally joking, I respect that b/tch.) 
You, dear reader, don't have a single care about that, either. But that was for the curious ones. 
As they say; curiosity kills the cat.
Luckily you all are people and not.. cats. 
By the way, cats are still number one of my list of To Own Most Of.
Sort of like empty bottles of Gatorade. 
Owning Most of those. Definitely. 
If you see a cat, ever, enjoy that blessing you have of being in the presence of one. 
And maybe think of me, yeah?
Unless you're allergic, then don't do any of the following and get the hell out of the room you're in. 
I mean, you can still think about me.
Presence all around, hoo hoo. Jordesus is da name.
I did just replace 'the' with 'da'. 
You're welcome. 

Anywh/reway, social media and what not. Right, right. I just made an Instagram. Actually I haven't yet but before I type the next word, I will make one.
Okay, made one. 
And it's @- wait, I forgot. 
It's @- it takes a minute to stop being a hoe and load.
Seriously. Okay. 
I don't know how I forgot it. It's @Jordesus (Place white girl 'duh' here)
I'll follow you back instantaneously. Or close to instantaneously.  Not sure if I'll even like Instagram, in all honesty.
White girl selfies, all day long, hay hay.
I thrive on making fun of Ellie. (That one b/tch I was talking about earlier.) 
Pretty tired tonight. 
Oh and there's Kik, too. Kik is fun. I'm @Da_Oj_Juise_ 
Once again, lots of great quotes... Steve, you're a cool dude. 
I enjoyed reading what everyone had to say and aye, you guys are somethin' interesting. 
I apologize if this is hard to read. Or if I seem like a d/uchebag. Chances are, this is hard to read and I'm too lazy to edit, and because of that laziness and constant use on the b/tch card for my girlfriend, I am a d/uchebag. 
But yeah, I wana' talk to you guys, so please feel free to Kik or Instagram my face. 

Sorry if none of that makes sense. It's late. (It's actually only 2 am but I need an excuse for my malfunctioning brain.)
Happy summer. 
You're great.

After 2,457 quotes
After 2005 followers
After 4 long years on this website
I'm deciding to leave
I thought of never coming on again but I had to say goodbye to all of you
And say thank you.
Thank you for allowing me to write my quotes
Thank you for reading my quotes
I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and stories through quotes
I enjoyed writing my favorite lyrics that described what's happening in my life
I have met many friends on here who has helped me through some tough years of my life
Thank you for never giving up on me and believing me
This website has changed a lot but I hope it continues to be around
I will deffinetely recommend this website to others because it saved me and I want it to save others
This website is a great way to express yourself
I want to thank everyone for writing quotes because whenever I had a bad day I would just come on here and scroll through quotes
I want to thank Steve for making this website
I just want to thank all of you
There are three pieces of advice I want to share before I leave
1) If you love someone, tell them. Tell them as much as you can because one day they won't be here and they will be gone. Also instead of telling them that you love them also show them.
2) Your time is so precious. Don't take it for granted. Use it wisely.
3) When you're in love don't let the person change you. If you can't be yourself around them and they don't accept you at your worse.
I have more but those are the main 3 I find important
So Here I am Flyingbacon7
Saying goodbye to all of you
Thank you for helping me discover who I am
Thank you for never giving up on me
Thank you for being my escape and accepting me into the Witty Family

When I used to think about witty's future I never pictured this...
Witty used to be an escape, a really, really cool one, with over  a thousand people a day and all different kinds of people and quotes that were pretty da.m fcking awesome. There are friends on here I've met that have impacted me, and inspired me to be a better person and see things from a different perspective, people who have changed my life. Friends that I'll never forget <3
& who remembers those legendary, amazing users? 
FramingMatthew ? ..RIP <3 I can't go on his profile without bawling my eyes out... 
ThatsSoMeee ? She posted the most beautiful quotes.
Jimmy365  ? Hilarious posts... Also famous for pretending to be a gay guy when in fact was a female :P
And there's sooooo many others. Does anyone else remember that year when it seemed like more boys kept joining each second? And those pointless fights over Nutella and homosexuality and original quotes? And the band phases like One Direction and the Jonas Brothers? And the I-can't-believe-Harry-Potter-is-over time?
No matter what, in the end, we were all a family and there for each other. People would pile non stop comments on a quote like 'I wish I was dead' and save lives with the fact that they simply cared.
So much stuff has happened, so many unforgettable friendships formed.  & we're all that's left.  
Witty will either die with what's left of us, or we can resurrect it.  But my main point is, that I love this website, and it has changed me, and so have the people I've found on here, and I just wish it wasn't ending in such a dreadful way.  Witty was a home for me. 

feelings to
other people.
i’m not attractive naturally i’m just decent looking at the right angle in the right light with the right makeup once in a while on a good day

Friends pick us up
when we fall down,
and if they can't
pick us up,
they lie down and
listen for a while.

I don't go crazy. I am crazy.
I just go normal
from time to

were you the first person on earth?

cause aDAMN