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Helloo Bootiful,
I’m Rhiannon, but you can call me Annie.
I see you’ve stumbled upon my profile, so I suppose you might want to know a few things.
                                Well, let’s see; I’m twenty years young;
I blow out the candles on January 14th.
I live in Canada & moved here from England when I was nine.
Music is my passion; I live for it. Life without music isn’t life at all;
I like all sorts of music, as the lyrics express things we cannot.
My favourite bands are; Blink 182, The All-American Rejects, All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, The Cab, A Day To Remember, Ed Sheeran, Hedley, Marianas Trench, & many others!
                                I’ve been through a lot over the years, but I’m still here, breathing, so I suppose that’s a big accomplishment.


Quotes by WhisperInTheDark

s Anyone Want To Be My Friend?


That WITTY PROFILES is no longer the website it used to be.
This website used to be my sanctuary;
Where I could escape my reality & focus on those suffering the same.

I miss writing personal quotes & recieving so much support
from this family that I had on here.

I wish I could turn back the clocks,
back to when I stumbled upon Witty Profiles back in 2008.

BuTime  Changes Everything !  
SO If Anyone Would Like To Talk,Please Do Not Hesitate To Message Me.


It Was Rather

The way he put her insecurities to sleep.
The way he dove into her eyes,
& starved all the fears,
and tasted all the dreams
she kept coiled beneath
her bones. 


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Sometimes, Following Your Heart Means Losing Your Mind

HaveYou Ever
just had one of those days, where all you want to do is break down & cry?
If you have; you're not alone.

[♥] You know what hurts?
Talking to someone that means a lot to you,
& with every new conversation,
you realize that ever so slowly,
that person is starting to care

Less & Less About You.

I'm In Love WitYou, 
& All Your Little  Things

That's The Problem
about being the strong one;
No one offers you a hand.