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Quotes by WhiteChocolateCRAZY13

I Think that......

The writers on witty should

be world class best sellers

but for now everybody has

to start somewhere....

And Witty IS somewhere.... 


\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\This is what I am I hang around you everyday trying to get you to notice me.....\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Yet you choosHER..........

©Format credit to BravoSierra
Liam and Danielle are over!?!?!
Am I the only one crying?!?!?!😰
My puppy plays piano it's strangest thing to see
It's seems while I was practicing
He learned by watching me!
He started on the chop sticks
Then he learned to play a batch
It wasn't long before he learned the Blues and classic rock
He also taught my kittens how so they could play duets!
And then they taught guitar and drums to all my other pets!

They formed a band and practiced hard!
And travelled all around!
And instantly got famous for their catchy pet rock sound!
They Made a smashing record!
But it wasn't very long before my pets were millionares
Because they wrote that little song!

....Ken Nezbitt
I Don't give up because when you give up it's just like saying......
"I Can't"
When you always CAN!




Some girls stood behind my mum while she was buying me underwear....

And they said....

"Oh dear SHE think SHE can fit into THAT underwear!!"

Considering that my mum has been trying to lose weight for two years straight now and in my opinion she looks GREAT!

Just stop judging!!!!! ;(

Movies and videos

are 10x more funny 

and 69x morewrong

when watching with

your class 


100+ favs
and I'll ask HIM out....
I promise...
I just need some motivation...
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