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The quick brown fox
jumps over the lazy dog

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Quotes by WhoThatGirl

Hey y'all! I hope you guys are having a great break and stuff!  I just got an instagram and I thought of a good idea. What if us witty girls (and boys) banded together and started following each other and faving each other's pictures? We would all gain followers and favorites . It could potentially bring Witty back you guys. If we all started working together to achieve a common goal? So I'm going to call this the Instagram Project for now. If you guys want to do this just fav this quote. Also, if you have a instagram, comment it down below! Mine is ayshahafiz!
The worst thing about liking your best friend
is that they will talk about their crush right in front of you
Dear Mother Nature,
I would like to cancel my monthly subscription.
One Thing
A One Direction Fan Fiction

Chapter 20: Narrator

That night, a series of things happened. Louis tried to apologize to Emma, with no avail. She wouldn't even look at him anymore. That was the night Louis broke up with Eleanor, by text. Ruthie stayed locked in the bathroom the entire time, with Niall waiting patiently for her to come out by the door. Liam got lucky with Autumn. I don't think that needs any further explanation. March and Harry settled down for a night of movies and popcorn. Zayn and Allie..got caught up in some drama.

Allie's  POV

As soon as the boys got here my phone has been going crazy with calls and texts from nobody other than my mother. After about the billionth buzz I decided to get it over with and pick up. As soon as I did her nagging voice boomed into my ear. " Allison Rose Anderson, you have been in New York City for a month and I have not gotten a single call from you! The only news I've heard about you is of your new celebrity boyfriend, and your several piercings!" I had to take a deep breath to keep my control and not yell back. "Okay mom, first of all, it's not a piercing, it's a tattoo, and Zayn is a great guy," I finished. The other line went silent. In a whisper, my mom commanded that I bring my new "boyfriend" and my tattoo to meet her and my father the next weekend. As soon as the words were out of my mother's mouth I froze and hung up. Zayn was watching me with his eyebrows raised. Before I could let a word out of my mouth Niall rushed into the room. 
"Guys, Ruthie is gone."


Niall had been picking at the lock of the bathroom door with a stray paperclip for a few minutes. With one final jab, the lock clicked and the door flew open. Niall rushed into the bathroom, and found no Ruthie in sight.
The window was wide open.
Ruthie's POV

I couldn't stand it anymore, I needed to get out. I could hear Niall on the other side of the door whispering things to me, trying to get me to come out. I hated hearing him feeling sorry for me. I stood inside the bathtub, up on my tiptoes, Iooking out of the window. After taking a deep breath I pulled the rusty window open as quietly as I could. Standing on the edge of the bathtub I crawled outside the building and onto the fire escape. After going down the several flights of ladders, I landed onto the ground, safe and sound. I'm just now realizing something. 2 things, actually. One, escaping was the easy part, I have nowhere to go. Two, I'm dressed in my kitty cat pajamas and my matching kitty slippers. I started walking down the street, getting weird looks from passerby tourists and New Yorkers. In a few minutes, I was already a few blocks away from the apartment. I saw a group of guys walking up to me, all of them grinning slyly. 
At that moment, I started running.

MERRY CHRISTMAS MY WONDERFUL LITTLE POODLES OF HAPPINESS!! If you're Jewish, or something else, HAPPYFUL HOLIDAYS TO YA. I am so so so so sorry I haven't been writing in over a month, but I've been so super busy. Please don't hate me? If you decide you do hate me and never want to read my crappy writing, I completely understand. But if y'all are still reading my shtuff, I will no doubt love you forever. Please fave, and comment what you think, okay? 

One Thing
A One Direction Fan Fiction

Chapter 19: Duranka's POV

It was about 6 in the morning when Ruthie came into my room bawling her eyes out. She stuttered out something about Niall being okay and crawled under my covers. I'd never seen my older cousin like this. She was the strong one, the one who comforted everyone else. Within a few minutes I heard her drift off to sleep. Now it's almost noon, and she's still in bed. I'm going to call the girls. We need an emergency sleepover. After telling them about Ruthie, they decided that they would be over soon. March came in first, with Grace and Emma. Their arms were loaded with junk food and ice cream of various flavors. Next came Autumn, with some movies in tow. Lastly, came Allie with a secretive look on her face. Walking into my room, where Ruthie lazily lounging on my bed. The girls were crowded around her, enveloping her in a group hug. She was crying again. "Ruthie, you are going to get your butt up and enjoy this slumber party. You will stuff you face with junk food and watch movies with us. We will paint your nails. Everyone got here for you," I said with my hands on my hips. Ruthie nodded, with a smile on her face. After putting in a movie into the DVD player, we all settled onto the bed with either a bag of chips or a tub of ice cream. When the movie was done, we all turned to Ruthie. "Spill," March demanded. All Ruthie could get out before the doorbell rang was," Niall." Allie jumped up, with that secretive smirk back on her face. She ran to the door and we all followed. She looked through the keyhole, unlocked the door, and there they were. Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam. Ruthie and Emma looked horrified. March, Allie, and Autumn jumped with joy. 
May the odds be ever in our favor.

Okay, I have not been mysteriously kidnapped, it's all gooood. I've just been very busy with my life. I know, it's surprising. Anyway, I had some time today and decided to whip somthing up. Sorry for it being so short, the next chapter WILL be long, I promise. I'll get it up soon. Also, SHOUTOUT to everyone who comments on my chapters. Y'all make me happy. I love all you guys. I have the best readers ever. HAVE A NICE DAY. GOBBLE GOBBLE.

One Direction is like the sun
They're hot 
124267389987548903454649 miles away from me
How One Direction introduces themselves
Harry: "Um...I'm...Harry..Styles.."
Liam: "HeyI'mLiamPayneFromOneDirection"


Niall: "HAHA I'm HAHAHAHA Niall HAHA Horan"

Zayn: "Zayn"


So there's this guy. I think I just might like him. I've known him since 6th grade, for a while now. He got moved next to me in one of my classes, and he was really annoying. He would always have something to say about everything. He would always have a comment to say to me (sometimes something mean). The longer I really got to know him, I started to grow attatched to him. On days when all I wanted to do was just go back to bed, he would have a remark that would make me smile. I know this sounds completely awkward, but I loved having inside jokes with him, that were just between me and him. My friends teased me about always choosing to sit next to him in class even when the assigned seats were removed. Every time we pass eachother in the hallway, I can't stop smiling. I don't know what to do. I don't know if I like him like that. I'm so confused. Sorry for venting guys, but I needed to ask.

Are You


Me Right

The moment of total fear you get when you can't get a ring off your finger.