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One Thing
A One Direction Fan Fiction

Chapter 9: Ruthie's POV

Duranka really likes him. Niall. She's been flirting with him the past few hours, since we got here. The thing is, I think I like him too. A lot. But I know that I have to lay off. I don't stand a chance against her. Oh well. Maybe someday. "Ruthie," I heard a voice interrupt my train of thoughts. I looked up, "What?" We were in the kitchen and Duranka and Niall were both staring at me. "Just making sure you were okay, since we got in here you had been standing there mumbling," Duranka commented. I felt myself blush. "I'm fine," I answered quietly. Duranka grabbed everything we needed for smores and ran to the others, leaving me alone with Niall. We started walking to the sand, where the others were waiting. 
He grinned down at me. I smiled back, taking his hand. He didn't pull away. That's gotta count for something. 

Duranka's POV
It doesn't take THAT long to walk from the kitchen to the beach. Ruthie and Niall had been "on their way" for 20 minutes. Liam had been trying to start the bonfire ever since March came back with Harry lagging behind with the firewood. They haven't said anything since. I got up telling everyone that I was going to go check on Ruthie and Niall. I ran up to the house, opened the door and walked into the kitchen. There they were. Kissing, against the wall. Tears welled up in my eyes and I ran out. When I sat back down at the bonfire, Liam had finally started the fire. Questions were thrown at me. March, Autumn and Emma all saw my expression and rushed to me, waving off the question.
"She kissed him. She knows I like him and she still kissed him," I hissed. Emma was rubbing circles on my back and March and Autumn were hugging me. I was already feeling better, and ready for a challenge.
Two could play that game.

Emma's POV

Once we got Duranka to calm down, the bonfire went awesome. Soon enough, Niall and Ruthie came back. We all made smores and told stories. I was surprised at how down to earth the guys were. The fame hadn't gotten to their heads. I kinda like Louis. More than a friend, which is weird since I had only met him today. I saw him pretend to yawn and stretch his arms, and then rest an arm around my shoulders. He widened his eyes overdramatically. "Oh wow, how'd that get there," He whispered to me. I shrugged and leaned back against him. Correction, I really like Louis.

Louis's POV

I don't know what to do. Emma makes me feel alive. More than I actually am, I mean. I've never had feelings like this for anyone.
Except for Eleanor.

Like it? Love it? Hate it? I need feedback!! I just want to thank y'all because all your comments make my day. I sit at the computer smiling like an idiot :D Kay anyways, sorry for the wait :)

*First day of school thoughts*
Me: I wonder who's in my class!
Me: *walks in*
How to find the name of a song:
Google as many of the words you can remember and hope for the best.
One Thing
A One Direction Fan Fiction

Chapter 8: Harry's POV

Wait, what? One second Niall was telling us to carry some things inside, and the next thing I knew girls were jumping out of our trunk, at us. March was one of them, I realized. They were the girls from Starbucks. Something bumped into me, starting to fall downwards, pushing me out of my daze. I put my hands out, catching it. I looked to see what it was, March. I grinned down at her and helped her up. "Geez, we've only been here 5 minutes and you're already falling for me," I said cheekily, adding a smile. Her cheeks went a deep shade of red. "Thanks..Harry," She said quietly, pulling out of my grip. I shrugged. God, could I have sounded any more full of myself? I shook my head, taking the house keys out of my pocket and walking up to the door of the huge beach house. I unlocked the house and opened up the door, holding it for everyone. When everyone got inside, the race to get a room started. I rushed upstairs, pushing Liam away to get to the lead. I ran through the hallway on the second floor sticking my head into every doorway to get a view of every room. When I got to the end of the hallway, I found it. It was the smallest room by far, but it had a perfect view of the beach. I dropped my duffel bag onto the bed and walked to the window. 20 minutes later, all of us were gathered in the kitchen in our bathing suits, ready to go spend the rest of the day at the beach. We walked out onto the sand from the back door in the kitchen. Liam rushed away with the redhead, Autumn I think, and Zayn was already splashing Allie, the ballet girl. Niall was sitting by the shore with two girls. Louis and the brunettes were in the water, swimming. That left me and..March. She was sitting on the porch swing watching the scene before her. She jotted down something in her notebook and bit her lip. I walked up to her, sitting down in the second porch swing. "What kind of stuff do you write? Songs, stories.." I asked. "She jumped in her seat when she heard me. "What," she asked me, confused. "What do you like to write," I repeated. She smiled gently. " All sorts of stuff," She replied. I nodded. She put her notebook under the pillow on the swing and got up. "I think I'm going to go swim," she said," You coming," she asked me. I got up and took her hand. "Let's roll," I smiled down at her. 

March's POV

We had been here in the Hamptons for 6-7 hours. Time was flying by as we spent the day by the shore. The sun was starting to set and the sky as a blood orange . "I have a really good idea," Grace said excitedly. Everyone turned to look at her.  "BONFIRE," she sang loudly. "That seems like a good way to celebrate the start of the weekend," Zayn commented. "Okay, we need people to gather some driftwood," Liam, being the sensible one ordered. "We also need to get stuff for smores," Niall added, getting giggles out of Duranka and Ruthie. "I'll get the driftwood," I offered. I got up and brushed the sand off of my cover-up. "I'll help," Harry said, getting up. Ever since we got here, he was being really nice to me. I smiled at him, grateful not to be alone. We walked along the sand of the coast. When I found a piece of driftwood I gave it to Harry, who I had decided would be the one carrying the firewood. "So..about that date, were you serious," I asked him, referring to our last conversation. He grinned down at me. "Yeah, if you're up for it," he said, quieter than usual. I turned to look at him. He winked down at me, making me blush, AGAIN. "Why me though, I'm a regular girl, average. You could get anyone," I whispered. He frowned looking deep into my eyes. "You're not like anyone I've ever met..you're your own person," he answered. "I really like you," he added. "A lot.." I didn't know how to reply. He had taken all the words out of my mouth. Next thing I knew, he was leaning down. I felt the driftwood we gathered dropping to the sand. He wrapped his arms gently around my waist, pushing his lips to mine. Harry Styles was kissing me. 
And I was kissing back.

Soooooooooooo? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Feedback please! Harry and March, meant to be or no way? Sorry for the boredom :) Bye!!
There are plenty of fish in the sea.
Don't be trippin' over some guppy.
He broke her heart.
She broke his xbox.
Guess who cried more?
If a couple that's in love are called
"love birds"
then what would a couple that fights a lot be called
"angry birds"?
Girl: Why are you getting mad? I just hugged him!
Boy: Be-Because for a moment, he held my entire world!!

Little boy #1: Hi, I'm Larry!
Little boy #2: I'm Ziam!
Little boy #1: So your mom likes One Direction too?
Making unnecessary sounds when you're bored
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