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I'm not the fastest, or the slowest. I'm not the craziest, or the sanest. I'm not the prettiest, or the ugliest. I'm not the loudest, or the quietest. I'm not the biggest, or the smallest. I'm not the kindest, or the meanest. I'm not the calmest, or the angriest. I'm not the happiest, or the saddest. I'm not the smartest, or the dumbest. I'm not the strongest, or the weakest. I'm not the best, but I'm definitely not the worst.

Quotes by WhoaaKayy

Ðamaged people aredangerous.
They knøw they can survive.

-- Josephine Hart
&&She knows the secret
She wishes on planets because honey;;
If stars made our wildest dreams true
We'd all be rich, happy, and in love.

Not my fade.
My light, my love, my life.
My light is now dark.
My love is now s.h.a.t.t.e.r.e.d.
My life is now .:.over.:.
I read all your quotes as tears pour down my face.

Rest in peace, my dearest.
01.09.94 -- 03.27.09
Who holds drum sticks on each side of her head 
& dances around the courtyard like an idiot just
so she knows that the guy she loves with all her
heart has laughed at least once that day?

Happened today, I'd never seen him smile brighter. :]
My best friend && I.
[[Me and my EB]]
I think we might just have one of the .strongest. friendships out there.
[[I'm not exaggerating]] 
She would .drag. me away from the water if I tried to drown something.
[[It wouldn't be the first time]]
I would make sure she's okay when she has a .klutzy. moment.
[[She has a problem skating backwards]] 
But if my house was .burning. down.
[[She wouldn't be hitting on the firemen]]
&& If I .had. a boyfriend.
[[She would never dream of stealing him]]
See, my .best.friend. is a lesbian. She likes girls. She's not attracted to me, for all of you homophobes. We help each other. I protect her and she protects me. Neither of our lives are anywhere near perfect, but we have each other for support. Our biggest problem with relationships together is when people will ask us if we're going out, but we look at them like their .retarded. and walk away laughing. It's a BIG, s.c.a.r.y world out there, and having a girl that I completely and unconditionally .trust. at my -->side<-- has to be the best gift in the entire universe.
So guys...
                                                 Aren't really a problem between us. :]

I hope at least one of you girls' out there know the feeling of this amazing blessing that has been bestowed upon me, because honestly I couldn't ask for anything better.
What .hurts. the most was being so close
And having so [[much]] to say, and watchin
g you walk away.

That doesn't .hurt. the most

~I shake as I tell you that I never believed in love at first sight until October 25th...the day I met you. I'm so sorry.~

~I don't exactly know how to feel, just don't be sorry.~

What .hurts. the most was saying all I needed to say, and although you stayed you [[left]] my heart. Beaten .and. bruised, longing for you.

I think this is the most personal quote I've ever posted. It has exact quotes and everything. Hmm. It may not be good for a copy and paste deal, unless you uncannily fell in love with the boy of your dreams on this date, too. Just thought of it and wanted to post it. If you like it check out my other quotes, they're all equally twisted in their own way. :]
It's like one gigantic puzzle;; love.
All the peices are scattered around one humongous board.
Some peices are *prized*, some are .forgotten.
Some have found where they belong, while others are completely lost.
All the puzzle peices have one match.
Just One.
Out of all the s.c.a.t.t.e.r.e.d peices.
The ultimate game, however, is not finding them all.
It's finding the peices that fit.
Do you see that boy?
He's to the left of you.
...Your other left. [;
Okay, now. Wait for him to smile.
Just wait for it...
See, what did I tell you?
Isn't that the most beautiful, heart stopping thing you've ever seen?

For some insane reason I saw Twilight.
Wondering what every girl saw in **~Edward Cullen~**.
I walked out of the movie theater one-hundred and twenty-two minutes later.
F.i.n.a.l.l.y understanding all those screaming girls.
T    H    E    N
I looked over and saw him grin at me in that special way.
He hugged me tight, and .stole. his hat off my head.
Running away stupidly.

Twilight fans are crazy to think that there is no better guy than **~Edward Cullen~**.
There is, girls.
&& I've [[already]] found him.