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Hi, I'm Meg. 
I'm scared of a lot of people.
I'm a internet cult leader.


People who mean the world to me:
Viola (R.I.P  <3)
David. (My brother~)



Quotes by *💀🌷 Meg 🌷💀*

Lord Voldermort is like a teenage girl,
He has a diary, a tiara, a special cup, a pet he adores and
an obbession with a famous teenage boy.

When a old best/close friend doesn't 
remember YOU

Mate go screw yourself

Don't worry
are all mad here


This necklace that you've got wrapped around my neck
Will choke me slowly to my death
And I'm into that
You think im innocent? 

Oh that's sweet.
~~~ Something I remember from the past ~~~
I remember coming on witty when I would come back from
the hospital from visiting my mam, And I remember every
quote I read that day.
Happy mothers day.

I want to be your 
favorite hello
hardest goodbye


R.I.P Jazlyn :(

There’s little joy in life for me,
And little terror in the grave;
I’ve lived the parting hour to see
Of one I would have died to save.

Calmly to watch the failing breath,
Wishing each sigh might be the last;
Longing to see the shade of death
O’er those belovèd features cast.

The cloud, the stillness that must part
The darling of my life from me;
And then to thank God from my heart,
To thank Him well and fervently;

I'm sorry that I got older? xDD
Okaii I tis back for like a week :3