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This is going to be a story page split into chapters
hopefully i can get my stroy finished and published.
many people in this are based on true charecters but most of the story is made up. no one should be hurt in anyway of what i say in these Enjoy
Enjoy this!

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why me what i do now
chapter 3

As i got off the bus i made my way into the school grounds i saw Shaun's gang but Shaun wasn't there. I met the girls outside the door and as they walked me to my locker i told them about the texts and mail i got from Shaun. Stacy my best friend out of all the girls told me i was to say something to my guidance. i wasn't sure. i felt like things were darkening around me. my first class Math with Shaun. and he sat beside me aswell. this was bad.
Before i could say anything else to stacy the bell rang and she was skipping her way up to bio.
why me what i do now
chapter 2
06:30. i got up and done what i usually did. mom was already up and made my breakfast. i got changed and took my bag down stairs. i wasn't as trendy as all my other girl friends were. the bus was due at 08:00 so i popped my head into the living room. no-one was  there so i scanned quickly across the room. within a second i found the laptop  and opened the lid. i signed into my facebook accounf and i had 10 mail. I opened them one by one 2 of them from Shaun. he told me i was to met him.
Oh no! what for now. should i go? what does hewant from me? should i go change into my skirt? should i take my make-up bag? 
Then i heard a beeping of a loud horn outside. it was the school bus. i left  and sat my self on the bus. listened to music asking myself questions about the mail he had sent me.
why me what i do now
chapter 1
*bleep bleep bleep*
it was a text! Oh no from Shaun. i opened it up and read it. it said"So Kate you up for this or are you to scared?"
I was thinking of a reply. remembering what had happened last year when Shaun and I had dated. Like sneaking  into my room at night and saying things like how we had do 'it'. when my mom and dad found out it got grounded. 
Well actually no i am not ready sorry. can't text now bye see you at school tomorrow. 
I got my school books in my bag and hopped into my bed.  it wasn't long before i fell asleep...