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Quotes by WhyYouGottaBeSoMean


Last night i was fighting with my friend over text and reading them to my mom. I was upset because she wanted to start this sport that I had always done and it's the only thing i was better than her at. I was asking my mom what to say and suddenly I hear my dad say "Hun, say 'yea do the sport and see how much better I am than you and I can laugh at you beacuse you suck. Pay back's a b*tch! Now, lets do lunch?' See, I know how to text right."

Lol dad.....




If you love something, set it free; if it comes back it's yours, if it doesn't, it never was.


Pressing a toy that says "TRY ME" at the store and it just won't stop, so you just awkwardly walk away like nothing happened.


Smiling at old people to show them you're not a teenage thug.


We all have the one friend who needs to learn how to whisper. 

I hate when my parents ask who I'm texting.

Ending a class presentation with "So...Yeah..."
Home alone

Expectation: PARTY! PARTY!

Reality: Peeing with the door open.

Writing the wrong date on your homework to make it look like you do your homework on time. 


Nothing brings two people together faster than the 
hatred of a third person.