Status: Idk about you but I'm finally content with the decency in my life
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Location: In a bipolar state.
Gender: F
~I'm existant in this life, but am i living it? 
~Been heartbroken before by relationships, family, friends, and myself.
~I am my own enemy. (December 7, 2017)
~Everything on my page is original unless said otherwise πŸ’•
~~This page is mainly where I go to to say what I'm feeling when I have to bottle it inside me.

Hey, this is just a bit about me:
1. Gender: Female.
2. Age: 16
3. Fave Color: Green, any light shade or a neon.
4. First impressions don't really matter to me, but Second impressions do, the most.


If you need to reach out: Whysitgottabeme.sarahah.com ; please specify your name and i'll reach out back.

I loved you then, and i still love you now. But I've moved on

Quotes by Whysitgottabeme

~Pretty and cute doesnt save everything~
Only us 
πŸ’™~\ 04-17-18 /~πŸ’š
~\Your reservation has been taken, she's moved on/~
~The text I expected the least made me smile the most. Especially when I couldn't in the moment, on my own or from a certain someone~
~But the fake is a boy πŸ’€Since when was the nibba gay? Prolly always since he cant keep a girl~ β€’β€’_CONTEXT_β€’β€’ I was on my virtual childhood game and was virtually dating some guy for 30 mind and found out he was a player. i made a fake account to confirm and it was true. This is a legit text i texted my friend about him. Oops? #noregretslol
~Life's a rollercoaster, it'll suck waiting in line for the thrill, then you finally get to go on the crazy ride and youre all happy, then its over, but worry not. There's always more.~
~Out of a joke, I never thought I'd hear something so true.~

Me: "f you"
Him: "when and where"
Me: "Oh, God, No!"
Me: "No, I am reserved."
Him: "Reservations can always be canceled or taken."

~\ I don't want to take action on anything over what I have no knowledge of, and I don't want to start now /~
~\There's happiness somewhere. That's all I can say/~
~\If I did what you did, wouldn't you be mad too?/~