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~I'm existant in this life, but am i living it? 
~Been heartbroken before by relationships, family, friends, and myself.
~I am my own enemy. (December 7, 2017)
~Everything on my page is original unless said otherwise 💕
~~This page is starting to become a diary...

~~This page has slowly started becoming a "safe-keeping" page for me as the things i post delete where they originally came from.
Hey, this is just a bit about me:
1. Gender: Female.
2. Age: 17
3. Fave Color: Green, any light shade or a neon.
4. First impressions don't really matter to me, but Second impressions do, the most.

5. My trust issues are somewhat through the roof, If we're being honest here.
Out with the old, In with the new 

Pfp not mine

I've had an account before this one..back in 2012 (December 21, 2012) and the whole reason i posted was so i could edit my stardoll presentation 😂 but ya know, check who I am following to see my old account.. LuffinAnimeslikechuluffme CRINGE WARNING it's soooo bad eeeeek

Quotes by Whysitgottabeme

It's okay to cry over someone, even if it's a boy. This specific boy is my best friend. I will never say "was". I love him too much to let go, even though he might soon, I never will. I don't care if it'll hurt me, losing him hurts enough. Don't tell me to move on, I don't listen to rules well, and I will never let go. I promise. I promise you i'll never let go. You'll always be loved by me. I promise. 

4.29-30.18 x 5.31-6.1.18
Please don't let this be the last day.
4/29-30/18 x 5/31-6/1/18        6.1.18

I had another breakdown at 12:22am 6/1/18
but it wasn't because of him,
it was because of you.
I know i was playfully mad at you,
or even jealous,
just for leaving me.
But i'll never forgive myself if you actually leave.
It's 10:55am, same day and i still have the tear stains from 8 to 10 hours ago.
They're being covered and more are joining right now..

Heck, friends or not,
I love you. 
Don't go...
Please fight,
fight for her, 
fight for me,
fight for yourself,
fight for anyone,
fight for your life,

You don't deserve this. 
No one deserves that.
We only knew each other for a month,
but so much has happened.
We were able to trust each other.
I trusted you with everything i said.
I trusted you to tell me anything and everything.
Telling me when you say you're good but you're actually not...
That hit.
That hit hard.
How could i not know better?

Telling me that i may not see you again,
i wish our last conversation wasn't that! 
God, don't let that be the last time we conversate!!!!
to me at least...

"You're an amazing girl (name), don't let any d*ck tell you otherwise, ok?"
"i know better than to listen to them"
I couldn't delete that conversation...
I won't ever forget you...
Please stay..
Do you know how hard it is to type all of these without being able to see the keyboard clearly?
Thank you for being my best friend, you'll always be my best friend.
I'll always love you.

Please don't let that time be the last time we conversate.
i dont care anymore
Canadian Boy❤ 10:01 PM
no whatever its fine

Me 10:02 PM
 no, not whatever "its fine". i know you gotta study but i wanna talk about this
Me 10:02 PM
 we'll talk about it later but it has to be discussed about between us
Canadian Boy❤ 10:03 PM
im not going to study anymore

Me 10:04 PM
 you need to
Me 10:07 PM
 Study or don't, i'm going to sleep.
Guess we're ending discussion here.
That took a turn and i dont think i wanna say the rest until it's situated..
Me 9:43 PM
 one of my friend's girlfriend called me pretty and she's like really pretty and idk why but like that meant something :o and she called me nice 😊
Canadian Boy❤ 9:43 PM
 wtfff i call u pretty all the timeeeeeahhhh
Me 9:44 PM
 what no you dont 😂
Canadian Boy❤ 9:44 PM
 f*ck off
Canadian Boy❤ 9:44 PM
 yes i do
Me 9:44 PM
 i rather f*ck on, excuse me and no???
Canadian Boy❤ 9:46 PM
 excuse me "good morning my beautiful girlfriend❤️"
Me 9:48 PM
 i skipped the beautiful part
Canadian Boy❤ 9:49 PM
 dont ever say i dont call u pretty smh cuz whenever i do u always decline it
Me 9:50 PM
 you just happen to call me pretty the days i dont feel pretty, not my faulttt
Canadian Boy❤ 9:51 PM
 dont start
Me 9:51 PM
 as we are speaking the song "mrs Potato head" by melanie martinez just came on. Coincidence????
Me 9:51 PM
 hsjshsj im just saying babe
Canadian Boy❤ 9:53 PM
 no ur not just saying ur saying i dont call u pretty which is very false
Me 9:53 PM
 incorrect just a little bit, you said all the time :))

Canadian Boy❤ 9:54 PM
 im peacing
Me 9:55 PM
 my fault, once again. tyt
Canadian Boy❤ 9:55 PM
i have to study
Me 9:55 PM
 tyt, just sucks that it's gotta end where it's not that okay
Canadian Boy❤ 9:57 PM
 because ur making me maddd
Me 9:58 PM
 i'm sorry, from now on, i'll try to see from your perspective about your opinions, good?

Canadian Boy❤ 9:59 PM
 doesnt matter anyways ur never gonna listen to me
Me 9:59 PM
 What are you talking about? i'll listen

(He spammed me by saying my name but i rather not reveal it)
(I did the same to him and after that, i said this)

 me 8:04 PM
 hahaha i just read a joke and hsjshsjs i wanna tell you it cuz its cheesy and funny to me at least cuz im short and it kinda makes sense hehe
me 8:04 PM
 imma tell you it anyways
me 8:05 PM
 as i was saying , if a short person were to wave at you, it's called microwave c(:
me 8:05 PM
 i laugh at the dumbest stuff okay
me 8:05 PM
me 8:06 PM
 hjdhsjhjs okay im done 😂😂😂
(He seemed to have only gotten my spam where i was saying his name)

Canadian Boy❤ 8:15 PM

Canadian Boy❤ 8:25 PM
(my name)

me 9:05 PM
me 9:05 PM
Canadian Boy❤ 9:05 PM

me 9:06 PM
 i ate and did dishes hello
me 9:06 PM
 you didnt get the cringey texts???
Canadian Boy❤ 9:06 PM
mhm i realized that

me 9:06 PM
Canadian Boy❤ 9:06 PM
what cringy texts?

me 9:06 PM
 nothing hehe 😅
Canadian Boy❤ 9:06 PM
6:30: wake up to talk to you till you have to go and today you left 8:15 so i guess i'm sleeping that time then
8:15 (ig): sleep.
10:40: wake up and talk however long 


~What made you different than the others?~
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