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Quotes by Wildatheart19

Lissa K: So you and katie ...?

Gabriel: No.

Lissa K: why ..

Gabriel: why arent you with anyone but sara.

Lissa K: cause i love her and im not over her.

Gabriel: exactly.

^^^^^so today in art my friend made me happy for once in a long time just by telling me a short fragment of what my first love and her were talking about

me: why do you even like me?
him: Your gorgeous fun to hang out with not boring to talk to not stuck up pretty much everything i look for in a girl


&& he's the reason for all the tears..
he's the reason for those scars every last one of them<<

he says he doesnt like me but the truth is he loves me..and just cant admit it becuase hes scared of love. but everyone has said you can just tell by the way he looks at me=)

everytime i start being over him..he texts me. and i fall for him alll over again, like tonight.
yea i was missing you..its been too long=/

im gonna ask my babriel to formal in a really cute way..
i was thinkin about getting glow in the dark stars with glow in the dark paint and putting formal? on them...what do u think?

no it wouldnt, i promise you that=)
**just another lie**

You get me all the time, more than anyone else and if you weren with him you could ALOT more<3