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I like turtles more than ducks.

Turtles are all chill and shit, unlike a duck.
Im 15 and just finished Freshman year.

Birthday is november 15th. Remember it (;
Im single but not interested. So don't try. 

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hi my name is austin and snooki's my favorite bitch ever.
i like to spam her frequently and deep down, i actually hate her
she's really sexy though. so sexy you should follow her
rawrrrrx3 bitchez. oh, i also like to dance with no pants on
and i don't have any friends. WILL YOU PLEASE BE MINE!?

xoxoxoxox hugs and kisses AUSTIN 

Quotes by Will_Levi

Telling the truth feels good.  
But hurting her in the process sucks. 
Especially when it means I've lost a really great friend :/
NEVER take your date to Olive Garden.
Cuz when youre there, you're family.
& that's weird/illegal

I want to be her everything.
I want to be her Mr. Right
I want to be her knight in shining armor
I want to be the father of her kids
I want to be her husband
I want to be her only love

I want her to look at me the same way I look at her
I want her.

Ever been in love so much that you'd do anything for that person And as soon as you get them someone else grabs 'em And all that work is useless now. Life story bro.
you know what they say about big feet? (; BIG SOCKS!

Dont throw your life away with
that weed
that drink
that cigerette
that razor.

D O N T  T H R O W  Y O U R  L I F E  A W A Y
Take my advice.
You can continue to do all that stuff
but remember that could the very

last breath you take.


Tomorrow is  2 months of her death.
I've been through hell and back in these 2 months.
But I've kept going to share my story,
I'm not the only kid that's been 
used to do drugs

Im not the only one that has
an alcoholic dad
a mom who is abused
a brother who hates him
a mom who has died of cancer
Ive done alot of bad things in my life  
and I'm ready to move past it
and make her proud of me.
I love my mom
Tomorrow is the 2 month mark of mom's death
and I plan on making her proud of me from now on.


I love you Ashlynn.
I gave up on us and I know i did so many bad things...
But i want you back. Scratch that. I NEED you back.

Id make all my quotes pink just for you babe <3