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I like turtles more than ducks.

Turtles are all chill and shit, unlike a duck.
Im 15 and just finished Freshman year.

Birthday is november 15th. Remember it (;
Im single but not interested. So don't try. 

Need to talk? Text me (774) 643-2938

** Want to hack my witty? JUST ASK! Loved to have someone hack it (: **

hi my name is austin and snooki's my favorite bitch ever.
i like to spam her frequently and deep down, i actually hate her
she's really sexy though. so sexy you should follow her
rawrrrrx3 bitchez. oh, i also like to dance with no pants on
and i don't have any friends. WILL YOU PLEASE BE MINE!?

xoxoxoxox hugs and kisses AUSTIN 

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