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 Howdy people of the universe haha,
Anyways the names Winter, and yes they still call me winter in every other season.  
I am 18 years old...
Anyways my

favorite bands are Alesana, The pretty reckless, Of mice and men, Whitechapel, New Years Day, Hopes die last, In This Moment, and many more. I also love rap music, and EDM.

I'm shy but very fun to be around. Music is my life, it's the only thing that helps me get through the long hard days. hmmm. For the people who get to know me say that i'm funny, and chill. Well if you want to get to know me cool. i love the color black its my favorite as well as blue, purple and green
Well if there is anything you wanna know don't be scared to ask.
That's all for you my loves!

Quotes by Winter_Rose

I hate getting sad for no reason, then not being able to shake it for hours.
This isn't my quote, but it was too beautiful that i thought y'all should read it!
you know how there are moonbeam girls? the soft ones with curves and a smile that makes everything feel safe. the ones you could hug all day and be warm forever. the ones who have those eyes that feel like coming home and a voice like a warm cup of tea and a blanket

and the sunshine girls? the ones who know themselves inside and out and are just comfortable in their own skin and make you feel wanted and beautiful because them even looking at you makes you feel special because they’re so amazing and how could someone that radiant even exist

and then the stardust girls? they’re just so ethereal and every way they move makes the world a little more brilliant and everything they do is perfect and makes you gasp because they’re too good for this world and they can’t possibly be human and there’s just so much in their mind and all you want is to climb inside and revel at their brilliance

and the galaxy girls? their laughter is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen and when you make eye contact and they start to come towards you it’s like you finally know where you belong and they’re colorful and amazing and god how are they even here

and the sunset girls? all you really want is for them to hold you and sing to you and tell you stories because they have so much art in their souls aching to come out and all you want is to see them shine like you know they can because the world doesn’t deserve to see their creativity but god does it need to"

I hate when I get sad for no reason then I start to feel like i'm not good enough.
Don't be careful with me, i'm not so delicate
I give you my heart, i know the chance im taking
Don't hesitate in love, it can leave your soul undone
You can't stick your toes in the water,
you gotta jump, finally go under water
I've been nothing but honest to you, and yet you still doubt me. It really hurts that you do, and i know that actions speak louder than words, but what have i been doing to make you doubt me? I like you so much and i wouldn't do anything to mess that up, i wouldn't hurt you, lie to you or anything or the sort. Maybe it's just your way of grieving. 

I've always been the girl who hides her sadness, the one to laugh through her tears. Yet last night, you saw me cry for the first time. You held me till i stopped, but i wanted to cry so much more, i care about you more than anyone else and i just want to prove it to you completely.

I'm sad that you doubt me, but i'll prove your doubts wrong. I will show you that i've been honest with you, and that i care for you.

Tonight is going to be a long night, i'm here in the dark, wearing you sweats, shirt, and socks. Your scent on them is strong, it comforts me. The warmth from them, makes it feel like you're here with me holding me tightly, just like when we go to bed. I can even think of the feeling of the warm kisses you plant on my forehead. 

I spent the day along the ocean shore, thinking about you and everything said the night before. I've come to conclude, I f*cking love you.

And in my dreams, you told me you loved me
I've only ever "fallen in love" once, but baby you got me feeling, this love feelings that i've been trying so hard to push away. 

Such a weird feeling to be excited, i finally think i know where i want to go in life. 

Cause she feels more alive in her own dreams...
F*ck you think i am?
Disrespecting me
Now the Queen got other plans... So why you texting me?