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Hey hey mY names LAUREN and I live in Columbus,Ohio. Im 13 and am in 8th grade.. I love volleyball,softball,cheerleading,skiing, MUSIC, hangin with my friends, and writing poems! IM me if you ever wanna talk!

Quotes by WishinIwasYOURS902

I wrote your name all over my books
But just don't have the courage to erase them..
..my heart keeps falling faster..I've waited all my life to cross this line to the only thing thats true..So I will not hide, it's time to try..anything to be with you..
**Since you've been gone, I can breathe for the first time, I'm so movin' on, Thanks to you now I get what I want..since you've been gone**
"ya well..love is nothing when you are this young, its basically a 4 letter word, said to make people feel like they have something to hold on to, but in all actuallity, you are really holding yourself, cuz when it comes all down, thats all u got left.. yourself"-unknown
*I learned to play on the safe side*So I don't get hurt*Because of you*I find it hard to trust Not only me, but everyone around me*Because of you*I am afraid*I lose my way*And it's not too long before you point it out*I cannot cry*Because I know that's weakness in your eyes*I'm forced to fake a smile, a laugh..Every day of my life*'My heart can't possibly break, when it wasn't even whole to start with..*
dream until ur dreams come truee..
you`ve got { 3 } choices in life
.. give up ..-.. give in .. or
[ . give it your all . ]
I wish that they would only take me as I am- Vincent Van Gough
Whoever gossips to you will gossib ABOUT you..

>>remember tht next time ur talking abt someone tht it could come back to haunt you.
The bridge you burn now may be the one you have to cross later