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Jillian Marie Balles here.
Yes, my name looks like balls.
I live in Illinois<3
Eighth grader. Can't wait too be a freshie.
I don't have very many friends, moved. whatever.
Suck at making up quotes,
but i like reading all yours. <3
Hate fake people . Get a life.
&&&& yeah im a GLEEK, and JB FAN.
Love my parents, and god.
No one really has a witty, ready to pour my feelings out<3

Quotes by WishingYouWereMine

one day we will be together, i just need to keep my head high <3

when you REALLY listen to those lyrics, its all makes sense <3

im tired of waiting around for that one person..
moving on ?

In math: a problem.
In history: a war.
In chemistry: a reaction.
In me: YOU. <3

Girls are like cell phones;
They liked to me held and talked to, but press the wrong button and you'll be disconnected.
100 things i hate about guys;
when they only date a girl because shes "hot."
i hope you CHOKE on your lies.
S[he] Be[lie]v[ed] Him.