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Jillian Marie Balles here.
Yes, my name looks like balls.
I live in Illinois<3
Eighth grader. Can't wait too be a freshie.
I don't have very many friends, moved. whatever.
Suck at making up quotes,
but i like reading all yours. <3
Hate fake people . Get a life.
&&&& yeah im a GLEEK, and JB FAN.
Love my parents, and god.
No one really has a witty, ready to pour my feelings out<3

WishingYouWereMine's Favorite Quotes

                                   Half of my energy wasted on random knowledge.


20 years from now :
‘’ Mommy, how did you meet dad ? ‘’
Well,it all started when he added me on facebook

This quote does not exist.

I was born in the wrong generation.

This quote does not exist.


Difficulty describing your feelings to other people.

I have this.


This quote does not exist.

(I'm) just like this quote... (Ugly).

 Things are different this year.
                                                                                                               Everything that mattered doesn't anymore.


What's wrong?

1) I'm not doing good in school.
2) The poeple I call friends, aren't friends.
3)I'm constantly feeling alone.
4)I'm starting to look at myself different.
5) Nothing feels the same anymore.
6) I feel like I'm going to fail at anything I try to do.
7)I'm in love with a boy who will never love me back.
8) I havent even been eating that much.
9) I feel like no one cares bout me.
10) And I just wanna sleep all day and never wake up.