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in life, there are no rehearsals, so make it count

i could tell you a story, about how terrible things are for me;
but i wont, beause they're not.
sure, i have lows but without them there would be no highs.
this account is for venting

i've just been feeling a little lost lately, like i'm broken and i dont know why. i'm not particually pretty, clever or at all talented, i'm just me..bit dissapointing really.
i know this account is viewed by alot of people who may know me, but i ask them to please not judge me by this, like i said, this is for venting..this might help someone, but then again it might not, whatevs i'll be okay,

Quotes by WithNoRehearsal

If I know you in real life, please don’t let my witty change what you think of me. You’ll probably find out a lot of stuff about me you didn’t know before by reading my quotes, but that’s because I feel comfortable here. Please don’t just judge me based off of it. Please don’t spread rumours based on what I post. If you want to know something, talk to me..
not behind my back.



i enjoy our conversations,
because with you, i never have to think about what to say,
it just all comes natrually,
yeah, i just enjoy the time i spend with you.

but you didn't have to cut me off,
make out like it didn't happen and we were nothing
and i don't even need your love
but you treat me like a stranger
and that feels so rough


&i could tell you
his favorite colour's green,
he likes to argue,
born on the seventeenth,
his sister's beautiful,
he has his farthers eyes
and if you asked me if i loved him,

i'd lie.

if you take a moment to listen
you'd be shocked by all of the broken people.



we are
an example of why not to fall in love
it takes a turn, and then it hurts
more than you could ever dream of

torn apart at the seams and my dreams turn to tears
'm not feeling this situation
run away, try to find a safe place to hide
it's the best place to be when you're feeling like me
 it's so hard to be strong
when you can't do anything right. when you're always set up for failure. when you're second best. when you're second choice. when you don't know who you are anymore, and if you're honest, you don't even want to know. when you're fat and that isn't changing no matter what diets, pills or excersises you try. when people in your life need you but you can't even fix yourself, let alone them. when you're afraid of yourself, your own mind. when you don't even know what you're capible of doing to your body. when you don't what you're capable of lying about or who you're capable of lying too. when you're screaming for everything to just come to an end. when you feel as if you're living every mistake you've ever made. when you're crying for every person you've ever hurt. when you're a mess, just a useless, disgusting, unwanted mess. when you're made of flaws.
when you're so broken
I hate that I fell for you
I hate that you left me
I hate that you don’t care
I hate that you wanted this
I hate your jokes that always make me laugh
I hate your smile
and I hate that I would die if I didn’t see it just one more time
I hate how this isn’t your fault and its mine
I hate how you lie to me telling me it’s yours
I hate that I ever met you
I hate how I would have never changed a thing
little girl, why are you so lost in this world? can't you handle it when it spins, when it twirls?
don't you understand it's a black and white chess game, but you're just stuck in stalemate?
can you not just pretend it's all fine? even though you don't even have the emotional strength to face people?
why do you think that time is just passing by with no real reason?
you feel so alone even when you are sitting in a room full of people.
you must put on a face and hide your feelings because no one would care if you told them anyway. 
why is it that you lose friends because you can't find the strength to go out and you just can't physically be 'happy' with them?
isn't it just silly to cry yourself to sleep, hoping you wont wake up then when you do you are exhausted from the night before, and it all starts again?
try to hide your feelings if you must, hope no one will notice..but if you slip up all you get called is attention seeking 
why would you chose that for yourself?
why can't it all stop,
little girl?