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This is a page will you'll find compliments for all of Witty's user. Any witty can be compliment and you can also request for other users to be compliment and reasons why! It doesn't matter how "famous" you are on Witty, you are special in our hearts! Choose Love, Xoxo, WittyCompliments

Quotes by WittyCompliments

Let's hear it for Not_My_Username! She is cute and quirky and just plain out funny! You see a reflection of her spirit in all her quotes and formats are so cool! She knows how to make raw, real, and brightening quotes! You are on awesome Wittian!
This one's for beastuser! Her pretty face brings happiness to all. Not to mention, her awesome quotes! Her quirky and unique formats on her quotes make people wish they could do that! Keep it up!
Here's to BravoSierra! Witty would never be the same without you! Your funny, gorgeous, and your profile theme is super cool! Your quirky, funny, and inspiring quotes never fail to put a smile on all Wittian's faces! You are down to earth an overall a fantastic person! You rock girl!
A shout out to the fabulous mcbirder! Not only is she absolutely stunning and gorgeous, she is a great quote maker! Her quotes are funny and relatable and make you die of laughter! We hope she continues to stay strong because Witty could never be the same without her! She is truely an awesome person inside and out and we hope she recognizes that!
Hey Witty! This one is for littleshrimp! She is sooo soooo gorgeous and cute! She is very kind and we hope she continues to stay strong because we all love her very much! Her quotes are sweet and funny and deep and we hope she keeps it up! She is perfect!
This one is for Sparkles_Bread! Her book taste is fantastic and she is super pretty and awesome! Her quotes are cool and sweet! And she is a super person over all! We hope she keeps it up! It does not go unnoticed!
This could go on and on and on because there is never anything bad to say about BrighterThanAnyone! She truely is bright! She is so gorgeous, nice, and her quotes are so meaningful and funny! We hope she stays strong and keeps on being happy! You are awesome!
Hello, beautiful! This is for thatgirlkitty! Her quotes are so funny and make you crack up! And her music taste is so cool! Her positivitey and jokes make Witty a happier place! You are so awesome, thatgirlkitty!
Here is a shoutout to the dope and awesome Wittian, DopeKid! He is hot and awesome! His quotes are motivational and cool! He is also greta at photography! His awesomeness does not go unnoticed!
Hey, hey, hey! This is for BeautifullyImperfect! You are so pretty and your hair is so cool! Your quotes are so amazing and, well, beautifully imperfect! Everyone loves them, and you really are a womderful friend to many! Keep it up!