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This is a page will you'll find compliments for all of Witty's user. Any witty can be compliment and you can also request for other users to be compliment and reasons why! It doesn't matter how "famous" you are on Witty, you are special in our hearts! Choose Love, Xoxo, WittyCompliments

Quotes by WittyCompliments

Let us all take a moment and honor the Wittian CrazyChrista! She is soo gorgeous and is never afraid to ask and give advice! She trusts the Witty community and is a great friend to anyone who needs one! And her auotes are adorable and funny! Great Job, CrazyChrista!
This quote is dedicated to lovecrazy! This girl is stylish, swaggin', gorgeous, and really awesome in general! Her quotes are sooo funny and relatable! I mean, who wouldn't love her?! Keep on going strong, lovecrazy!
This is for chocomickey14! You always look out for your friends and you really know what it means to be a good friend! This Wittian is always requesting compliments for others and showing support to fellow users through rough times. A bonus is that your quotes are rockin' too! Great work!
Hi there user AEleanore! Your bright, colorful profile sparkles like a rainbow and instantly makes every Wittian happy. Your quotes are bold and inspiring and always remind us to try our best and stay strong! We love your message! Keep on shining, girl!
Hey, gorgeous! This one is for hateandlove! She is so pretty and her dark hair is so enviable! Her taste in music is unique and awesome and her quotes are inspiring, colorful, and cool! She is a great and friend and as another user called her, "the kindest person on Witty", so you rock girl!
This one goes out to JustAnotherWittyGuy18! He is kind and loving and really cares. We hope he will stay strong and continue to make great quotes and inspire others. Despite some tough stuff, he won't let it take the best of him! You rock! It doesn't go unnoticed!
Here is for Yo_im_ronan! His quotes are meaningful and we hope he continues to stay strong! He is hot and caring! His quote formats are always perfect too! Stay strong and continue to be awesome!
This one goes out to MaggieHaha! Her quotes are so inspiring and make you feel empowered! Her newest one about being grateful is so true! So keep empowering Witty with your happie attitude MaggieHaha
Here is a shoutout to the lovely Hale_Storm18! This Wittian is gorgeous, funny, relatable, and rakes in the favorites! She makes everyone smile with her humor and her quotes are so unique! You go girl!
BlackButterflies! Your quotes are so colorful, bright, and, oh yeah, amazing! You are very funny and are very beautiful! You never let anything get you down! Keep on working hard!