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 no one talkto me,

Like the old days :( ...

It's weird that strangers,
that I meet online, like me more than the people I go to school with everyday.

Have you ever sat with your friends
and just known that you're the least 
important friend in the group and
you felt like it wouldn't make a difference

if you were there or not?



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I was late coming into school again and my head teacher was furious.

She called me into her office and said, "What's your excuse this time?"

"Slept in," I shrugged.

"For goodness sake, at least tell me something I haven't heard before!"

"You're looking lovely today." I replied.

unfortunatelyour societsendhuge

message. unless you are g o o d l o o k i n g, you don't matter as much.

can'picture myself
»-(¯`v´¯)-» with anyone else, but you.
im single, and im proud!! but, i would be even prouder if you were mine (:


Anyone find it weird that im the witty_guy_here follow me guys cause im the new witty guy :)

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