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It's like catching lightning, the chances of finding someone like you.

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Quotes by WoahApples

i thought forever meant forever,
but obviously i've been replaced.


     now you're just somebody that i used to know.

i don't even know who you are anymore.


It's like catching lightning
the chances of finding
someone like you


i know i'm young,
but if i had to choose
him or the sun,
i'd be one nocturnal son of a gun 


parting is such sweet sorrow

you're just an actor,
so break into my storytake it over
[paint me with color]


the sun goes downthe stars come out,
and all that counts is here and now.
my universe will never be the same,
I'm glad you came.

Now I'm at a place I thought I'd never be,
I'm living in a world that's all about you and me

it's impossible to frown
when you're around