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If you need anything, e-mail me. Like seriously. Even if I don't know you, you matter to me.
No one should have to suffer through their problems alone. xoxo

Vilify me.
All I really want is something beautiful to say
Tumblr is a thing

Rhi is perfect, okay

Ave is celestial

Tori is my amazing little sheep

Sammy is da bomb-diggity

Kita is love, Kita is life

Jannette is bae xo

I will not forget you.


Quotes by * Sabaism *

I should do what I did a few years ago
Tell everyone they were a game
Tell them I never cared
And I never will
Make them all hate me
Act like I forgot everything
If they hate me, they can't miss me
Then no one will waste their time
No one will care anymore
It's faultless
People can say they'll never leave me
The people before said the same thing
And they did
If you upset a person
They will leave
And they would be better off
It could be like we never met
Wouldn't that obviously be the better alternative?

Everything happens for a reason.

Baby, you gave up.

Quiet is violent


There's no need
to endure anymore


It's like we never knew each other at all.

Why bother bothering?

Can you honestly
tell me it's worth it?


I'm just a ghost.

The memories of me
Will seem more like bad dreams.