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Heey, it's Alexis here. Big Bruins fan. I love skiing, basketball, soccer, and softball.  I just wanna ski and skateboard for the rest of my life. I doubt I'm going to get any comments sooo? It's not like anyone is going to read this, but if you did I love you. <3

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I am currently 22 and remembered this website & logged in. I am now currently hot boxing a car with two people I graduated with. #corona





I haven't really been acting myself lately, theres just been so much going on in my head. I've been pushing my best friends away when i should really be talking to them about it.



The more you say not to worry, makes me worry even more


Seeing you everyday hurts, because i know that you & me will never happen

The more i see you, the harder i fall for you, but is this really going to work out?

you telling me that you have a little bit of feelings, makes me happy. :)

maybe it just isn't meant to be...

Why do I want to kiss you so bad? I've been having dreams lately about it happening, but when will it?

Be who you want to be, not who someone else wants you to be