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Ive come here to show you the truth. not to prove you wrong but to show you the truth.

You can change a player. stop his little games. 
men arent as bad as people make them out to be.

If you ever come to think of it, some guys are players because of getting hurt.. trust problems.!? like us girls have. 
Girls are no better then guys.. girls cheat, lie, back stab. 

Its not only guys 

this is pointless.

Quotes by XCowGirlsDontCryX

Cowgirls don't cry.

press  the {<3} if your a cowgirl. (:

If i were Perfect.//
id impress ever guy.
id have alot of friends.
id be popluar.
id have the best smile
id be skinny as a twig.
id have long blonde hair.

To Bad these things dont make any girl perfect..

Since im the way i am

i have the friends i need
i have the body i want
i have the smile i need to show people im strong
i have a good personality
im nice to people, even if they arent nice to me

Wanna see perfect.. look in the mirror hunny(:
Your Perfect  just the way you are <3

Idk. sorry bout no color. just gettin the hand of this. (:

Does he not understand..