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                                 The name is Nicole Lynn
                                   Freshman in college.
                                 I love my family and friends  
                                      .Moved recently and miss them all.      
                                       I love to swim and going on walks        
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Will I ever find a guy who will finally realize that all I want is someone
who will always be there for me and that will never let me go?

Quotes by XOYouCouldNeverSeeXO

Yes, she is my best friend.
she calls me for the most random reasons.
she goes to the store at 11 at night.
she drinks red bull like its water.
she goes to the mall every other day.

she has an amazing smile.
she has the best personality.
she knows how to make me laugh.
she is always there for me.

Yes,she is my best friend.
(Nikki Marie<3)

     Entirely without fault or defect

     One that is exactly like another

...you told me I was your perfect match
i guess that meant nothing </3
Across the miles
a part of you has grown in me.
Together forever we shall be
Never apart, maybe in distance
But not in heart.

other people may have this quote, but i found it in a scrapbook made for my mom.
for me, this quote is all about a guy i can't be with today..missing him so much!

She was there through it all.
No matter what she was going through,
She always seemed to be with me
When there was some kind of problem I had.
With guys, family matters, or just a time when a friend was needed.
She knew what she had to say to make it better
And what to do when it had gone too far.

I'm moving now
And i wish i did not have too.
There will never be a friend quite like her
Cause a best friend like that only comes once in a lifetime.

..for my best friend Nikki
I could just stare at you forever
        If forever
you would stare at me
You left me standing in the rain
As you walked away from everything we had.
You couldn't do it in person
You had to wait until I was 3,000 miles away in Florida?

You couldn't face me
Because you knew I was right
And that you made a mistake.
Well now its too late
And you
won't ever care!
i wanna love you
i wanna be with you
i wanna show you im here
i want you to see who i really am
When you used to look at me
I always thought that one day something would happen
But today i realized that this was all a game to you
And im
DONE playing it....

There's always that one guy who will change you.
Who will make you see what you never saw before.
One who says he will never let you go, even when everything goes wrong.
He will be the guy to hold you when you get into a fight with a friend
Or the shoulder to cry on when your world comes crashing down.
He will share those memories of
Laying in the grass watching the sunset
With your arms tight around him,
And those times of walking on the beach
With the water washing up against your feet.
But will he be the guy
To hold you when your parents are fighting every night,
Or be the one person who will say he will never leave
And actually mean it.

It was a cold but bright night
Under the stars and when he told me everything.
My heart dropped straight to the floor.
He sat up and gazed into my eyes
And I knew it was over.
Three words came out of his mouth:
I've Moved On and they pierced through me
Like and arrow shot through an apple.
The fear in his eyes made it all so clear,
He was leaving before I could say goodbye
And walking out of my life before I had
Time to explain.
He won't ever understand the pain that he has caused.
Because as I am walking around suffering,
He is going on with his everyday life
Pretending nothing has happened.