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The day just

I put a note in the girl's bathroom at my school.
You know
what it said?
Don't worry, I think you're very pretty."

I just don't think any of those girls
deserve to have self esteem as low as mine is.

I just don't think those girls
deserve to think they're not pretty..

I'm tired of the games.

I see your face in strangers on the street
I still say your name when I'm talking in my sleep

Seeing a spider is nothing.

It becomes a problem when it disappears.

*real conversation with my Social Studies teacher*
Me: "Uhg! You hate me!"
Teacher: "Most people do..."
My prayers go out to everyone in Boston.
I'm two hours away from Boston & The amount of people injured and dead...
I can't even.
There are no words..

What has this world come to?

Not sure if my mom wanted


or free maids...

Today I got angry,
Threw my Nokia phone at a wall
& and watched as it
Smashed into a million pieces.

The phone's fine though.