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                 Hey, I'm Brianna.
I have my own problems but i don't turn down anyone if they need advice. 

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does anyone have a twitter & wants to become bestfriends with me???
I've always been"kinda cute", but i'm waiting on "wow. this girl is beautiful!"
check out my profile, got that curly hair flo lol
i wonder who stll goes on my profile??
so i have this major crush and i really want to just tell him. he might move and i want to tell him before he goes but im aftaid how he'd act about it and monday is that last day of school. eventhough he lives down the street we still dont hang out outside of school and i really just want to come clean. i dont know what to do. but i kinda feel stupid thinking he'd like me back, just alittle but i know thats not that case and i really need advice but i cant explain this to any of my friends they just listen and tell me ot get over him but i really i honestly try but i just cant, but i guess im making a big deal out of nothing ill just forget him. but i know he cares about me since he constantly asking me personal questions but i just cant seem to open up to him i have this thick wall when i meet new people and i dont want them to not like me so i just dont talk and i try so hard to be myself but it ends up coming out like im trying to hard but im just trying to be who i really am. uhhh i dont kno i just want me and him to be really close friends not a couple but just friends and he'd be someone i cant go to when im in trouble and someone who listens. i guess i want too much form him.
he kissed my hand......
I hate how I come back on witty for advice and no one talks to me :(
this really sucks, the guy i like asked me about my scars and i couldnt answer him. i dont want him to be disappointed in me and look at me differently i dont what to do anymore i need advice about this.
am i being led on?
cuz "someone" plays with my hair, always has their arm around me, always asks me about my day, always has to be touching me in some way, smiles at me in the hallway, rubs my face. lol it was weird and you older than so being led.:((