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Are yew happy now?
stuff. live life to the fullest, you never know when the world is going to end.
 Its your life, dont let anyone else tell you how to live it.
amazing people.
maddie333 <3 
follow this chick^^ 

"i know you still think about those times we still had" drizzy drake <3
about me?
hola, my name is abby, 
i live in a different world.
im probally in the sky, flying with the fishes.
my friends mean everything to me, i'll do anything for them
i see things in a different way then most people.
i dont beileve in revenge, just because someones a b!tch to you, doesnt mean you have to be one back.
god is my hero
im a little freshman,, woo
april 18, if your my twin, comment.
well, thats it. get to know me (:
kid cudi, drake, MGK, childish gambino, mac miller, taylor swift, hot chelle rae, breaking benjamin, the simple plan, the fray <3, lil wayne, bassnectar, meg & liz, YTF, never shout never, tyler the creator, frank ocean, justin bieber, chris tomlin, big sean, rick ross, and a lot of other people. but NO COUNTRY.

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Quotes by XXjerseyshoreXX

>>Love is like war
easy to start, hard to end
&& impossible to forget<< </3

i just want this to be over with.


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Dear  guys,                                                                           Do not call me "baby" or "babe"  If it is your attempt at f l i r t i n g, then its not working.

sincerley,  annoyed.


Nothing's mine..

i heard your a player.

nice to meet you

i'm the coach

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 I want a witty bestfriend any takers??

 melie women lie

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If life was easy,

Then everybody would be doing it.


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Dear  immature  guys
why  dont  you do everyone  a favor
act your age, not your dick size..

sincerley,  abby 


Nothing's mine..
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Thanks to facebook, i now know what everyone's bathroom looks like. 

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