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You call me up again just to break me like a promise
This was requested k bye xx

Quotes by X_Bethan_X

Whatever the amount of

scars you have,

you're still  Beautiful..

  not all girls wear make up to look like
a $lag,

alot wear it for confidence.

Row row row your

boat gently of a clif



If a boy whistles at you,

don't respond. Your a girl

Not a dog


Saying "k" is just another way of saying....

go away you're annoying me now...


ME: I'll do it in five minutes

ME: it's been an hour already

 Me : I'll do it in five minutes


Never forget,

 your someones reason to smile.


Silence is the most powerful scream..

 The awesome feeling when

your high five
goes well.



"Cos everytime we touch

 i get this feeling and everytime 

 we kiss  i swear i can fly,

can't you feel my heart beat fast

i want this to last ,

I need you by my side 


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