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The only thing stopping me from killing myself is how much it would upset my family
I know noone will but just made a

new twitter, please follow! promise i

will follow backkk! 

*sat bored waiting for food at the restaurant*
Me: let's play eye spy
Granny: ok!
Me: eye spy with my little eye something beginning with R!
Granny: road?
Me: nope
Granny: i give up
Mum: this is a girl isn't it?
Me: it's Justin bieber..
Mum: that's what I said, a girl isn't it?
If anyones seen my mums marbles please return them.
*me with my skittles*
Mum: I bet you can't put them in alphabetical order!
Me: bet you I can!
Mum: go on then!
Me: wait....
when you tell him you like him and he completely shuts you down:( </3
When your friend says your crush would make a perfect couple with your other friend and you're like
Those friends who you can't last an hour in a fight with <3
Those awkward few seconds of silence when the song finishes and it's changing to the next one.