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My name is Xenia, known as a singer and a crazy, loving and partying girl :) 
i love these 5 hot guys, known as 1 direction<3
I love lady gaga and im 12 yrs old. I'll b blowing candles on December 9th. 
2012, a new beginning to a great summer,
i love my friendssss<3 EVeRRyONE means the WorlD to me<3.
And Yes I Am A Wild ChIlD. 

hope u like my quoteeesss(:


Quotes by XenLovesGaga

I heard you're a player.
Nice to meet you, I'm the coach. :)


It seems like everybody 

is in a relationship or in

love. I'm just here like,

''I like that tree. That's a nice


Girl: Take the condom off!

Boy: Why?

Girl: YOLO

Boy: OK but if you get pregnant YOYO

Girl: Whats that?

Boy: You on you're OWN

Good Friends Are Like Stars...

you don't always see them, but you know they are always there for you <3

That sexy face
you make when you eat something super sour
Truth or dare?

Dare. :)

I dare you to love me.

No babe, that's truth. ♥


When you lose a besfriend,

 you don't just lose a friend. You lose a coach, a mother, a lesbian partner, someone that can always make you laugh, a sister... Your other half.