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Umm what to say about me...I am amzaing at pretty much everything i do.... Cheerleading dancing and basketball 4 lyfe!

Quotes by XiHeArThImO

Press 1-if you miss me
Press 2-if you love me
Press 3-if your bored
Press 4-if you just wanna chat
Press 5-If you need to tell me sumthin important
Press 6-if you know sumthin i really should know
Press 7-if you just like pushing the buttons to make me mad
Press 8-if you like me & dont know how to tell me
Press 9-if you wanna go out wit me
Press 10-if you need a hug
Press 11-if you want to be my friend
Press 12-if you think im HoT
press 13-if you want hang out today
Press 14- If You Think I am Dumb
press 15-if you think i make u laugh
press 16- if you want to tell me who you like!
press 17- if u cant live wit out me
i want a picture of u ©
[[so i can show santa what i want for christmas]]
It's the times we're so crazy
That people think we're high
It's the times we laugh so hard
That we can't help but cry
It's all the inside jokes
And "Remember When's"
Those are all the reasons
Why we're best friends
me n my girls are as tight as a fat kid in spandex
You can remember the important stuff but it's the little things in a friendship that matter most...
|B|A|S|K|E|T|B|A|L|L|< my anti drug
"the past can hurt, but the way i see it...you can either run from it, or learn from it.."
-the lion king.
I will tell you all about everything
if you promise not to cry
open up and you can have any thing
just open up your eyes
its a new sunny day
theres not much to say
just keep your eyes on the road
just keep it under control
Every time our eyes meet
This feeling inside me
Is almost more than I can take
Baby when you touch me
I can feel how much you love me
And it just_______ blows me away
However far away
I will always love you©

© Should be a heart