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im a gyrl with lots of emotions in every quote there is a message to one person or many people or none at all...lol none of them r really dedicated some may look like im describing my life or sumthing but im not quotes just come to me wenever nd i just write them down nd add them to witty

Quotes by Xmy_last_breatheX

dont think of me as sad
dont think of me as less
just of me as the one
who can handle all the stress
what ever you do in your life just make sherr there are always people who wuld at any given time sit by you and make your whole world better when all you see is TRAGEDY

Seriously who realli cares about what other people like or dislke. Just becuz they dont like tht band yur obsessed about or tht famous rapper they nvr heard about doesnt mean anything!!!i mean yu like different things cuz yur different people. No ones right and no ones rong. just be like watever. Be a prep or be a goth or emo or gangsta or wigga. I won't matter to m nd it shuldnt matter to anyone else either cuz ya know what? Its called INDIVIDUALITY!

i kno im not perfect but the least you culd do is love me for who i am. dedicated

slowly across
her hand slipped away
looking at her wrist
it dries on her nd partially on the blade
now tht its done
again it will come tomorow
maybe just as bad
but it will take away the sorrow
th pain frum her life
how she wants to die
but is too afraid
and her friends wont know why
nothin relli bad
nothing to get upset
but its just a fad
and im becoming obsessed
its not tht i hv a reason
but im not a perfect saint
now mii bloods on the paper
i smile as it looks like paint

choices are made They become quite a threat some can't decide some choose then regret it can ruin lives or make people mad but after a while it becomes quite a fad everyone chooses the rong over good but this isnt the way iut isnt how it shuld
"Don't tell me it's over. When i haven't even settled the score"

"I don't wanna know its over
I don't wanna see mii life waste away
without you theres no knowin
Where it is mii hearts gunna stay

Cuz you looked me in the eyes
Ya told me that ya loved me
And i had a place to be
Till now theres nothing
That i can see
You took mii space away
now mii heart is soo cold
I need here by mii side
And it's mii heart that shuld be told

Cuz i don't wanna know its over
i don't wanna see mii life waste away
without you theres no knowin
where it is mii hearts gunna stay.

So don't cha tell me anything
that has to do with our love
i just want you to walk away
i don't even care if ya move
Cuz if ya don't love me
i dont what i'm gunna do
all i need is you baby
just so i acn see mii life through
No No No
I dont wanna know its over." - Demana

made em myself
so far frum knowing
wat was left behind
i can not remeber
i wasted too much time
nothing will ever matter
its all in the past
lets begin this race
get rid of sad memories fast
lets remeber the good
tht we shall make
cuz its time to
hang out and create
no more will i cry
myself to sleep at nite
and no more will i die
everytime i am awake
i needa get rid of her
even for just a few
cuz rite now
i hv a feeling
its cuz her
its mii life i canbt get through
after all th trouble after all the pain
she wasnt really there
it was just me going insane
now im btr
now i can get along
i dont need her
to hold me up agenst her arm
to guide me wen im blind
to tell me wat they say
i dont wanna kno ne more
i just wanna feel
Demana Santa